3 Stories

Sexually and emotionally abused for most of her life, “Charity” had no reason to think she would ever be anything but a victim. One on one conversation was very difficult, and group participation was impossible. After joining the Uzima program, school reports that had consistently been marked ‘failing’ began to improve. During her last year of secondary school, “Charity” stood in front of the student body and sang a solo. She graduated with a C-. She is currently studying with iServe Africa – a mentoring, service program that teaches form 4 graduates how to teach children and peers basic ideas about the Bible, spiritual growth, and serving the community. The instructors say she is a major asset to the program.

Having been abandoned time and time again, “Kevin” lived a life of fearful survival. Like many other average students in the rural primary school, he achieved 50% or less on all exams. In October of 2017, “Kevin” finished standard 8 with scores high enough to be accepted into a very good secondary school. This year he was elected by his classmates to represent them as vice-prefect.

3 years ago, “Vicky” was struggling to make sense of school. She performed at the lowest 30 percentile. Her fear of physical interaction was one symptom of many emotional scars. Now in class 4, Sharon consistently performs in the top 5 percentile. Her joy is infectious and she is never afraid to jump into any activity.

The catalyst for these transformations? –  Uzima