In 1993, Garold and Lori Andersen began developing innovative strategies to help artists grow personally and artistically. They believe that personal relationship is the foundation for influence and change. As the heads of Watershed Inc., they facilitate opportunities for the development of art, the artist, and creative thinking.

In 2007 Garold and Lori began facilitating the first creative/mentoring workshops in Kenya and realized that personal-development education was possibly the greatest missing link in helping Kenyans take control of their destinies. Since that time the Andersens have been applying their experience to give many at-risk individuals in Kenya the tools to change their destinies and develop their communities. All Kenyan projects are created in partnership with Kenyans with the goal of having Kenyans manage and lead. Watershed trains, mentors, listens to Kenyans; then, through teamwork, facilitates sustainable projects.